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Shandis Blasts Fozano as a Drunk and Pedophile

Shandis Tells Fozano to Can the Negative Ads!

Fozano Caught with Video of "Parent Trap"

Shandis Attempts to Rig the Academy Awards

Scientists: Fozano's High as a Freakin' Kite

Randy Shandis Jacks up Fuel Prices

Shandis Turns on Self, Blasts Shandis

Shandis Attempts to Purchase Elian Gonzalez

Leprechauns: Fozano Stole Our Lucky Charms!


Shandis Wins Endorsement of Duran Duran

Fozano Challenges Shandis to a Debate on "Ricki"

Fozano Wins Case on Judge Judy

Fozano Blasts, then Endorses Shandis

Shandis Steals Fozano's Girlfriend

Shandis Suspected in Tito Puente's Death

Shandis to Crush Fozano's Balls

Fozano Suspects Shandis is Shady

Fozano Stole Mother Teresa's Corpse

Fozano Finally Builds Platform

Fozano Selects Running Mate

Shandis Selected for Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team

Fozano Dumps Running Mate

Fozano Starts Yet Another Fire

Fozano Invites Shandis to Step Outside

Shandis Stops Fozano, Doomsday Machine

Shandis Broke Up Beatles!

Shandis Says Fozano Concedes

Fozano Hates Mondays

Fozano Beaten by First Graders


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