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The Lucky Ned IncrediSystem WINstitute

"Lucky' Ned is the most respected and experienced gambler in the annals of Las Vegas. He has won more money than most people can imagine in one pile, all without getting kicked out of a single casino (except once for throwing up). How? Well, maybe he's not the only lucky one because Lucky Ned has agreed to share his IncrediSystems with the general public.

The reason Lucky Ned doesn't get kicked out of casinos is because the casino bosses have no idea how good he is. "That shows you how well my systems work," counters Ned. "The real magic is that all people have the basic skills in their hearts. You don't have to know how to add, or subtract, or be logical. You only have to know how to win."

Lucky Ned on Winning Blackjack!
In order to be a winner, you have to throw all those dumb theories, card counting tricks, and simple logic straight out the window. Let me tell you about my philosophy of the game and how to win. My philosophy is this: A THINKING BLACKJACK PLAYER IS A LOSING BLACKJACK PLAYER.

Lucky Ned on Winning Craps!
Now, don't get excited or nothing, and don't start gambling until you read what I have to say, then FORGET IT ALL AND GO CRAZY!

First, you gotta know how what to look for. The craps table is long and lean made of wood and felt--green felt. It's real easy on the eyes. Then there's the dice. Then there are the chips. Lots of them, all coming to me. Last but not least there are the people.

Lucky Ned on Winning Keno
Bob Stupak, the Polish Maverick, recently spotted me gambling. I was in the Keno lounge with fifteen tickets in my lap. Stupak just stared, his jaw hanging in the breeze like the welcome sign of a ghost town. He had to concede the title of GREATEST GAMBLER IN THE WORLD to me right there and then, because not even the big boys can handle the pressures of KENO.
Lucky Ned on Winning Roulette
Roulette is French for "gentleman's wagering wheel game" and it was used in ancient times when the great Monarch of France would play the game against slaves for their lives. The ball was originally a pebble and the roulette wheel was a square until Jesus Christ finally invented the circle. In those days, the number zero did not exist, neither did any numbers higher than 16. I'm not trying to show off my smarts with this information, I'm just giving a little background that will help you better understand the subtle ins and outs of the "gentleman's wagering wheel game".

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