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May we recommend...

Not all web sites are created equal. In fact, some suck.

We've spent thousands of our employers' hours scouring the Internet for the the pearls out of swines' mouths. The result is our list list of useful Las Vegas sites. The following is the Big Empire's officially sanctioned list of useful web sites dedicated to Las Vegas. Stop in, say hello, tell them that we sent you. If you found a useful site you think we missed (but not your own), let us know.

 General Las Vegas Information

Classic Las Vegas - This site is a repository for information about the old, better Las Vegas (you know, the one that didn't look like a shopping mall). It is also promoting a couple of documentaries about the good old days when you were treated like a king, but could also get buried in the desert.

Vegas Today and Tomorrow - A fine site that shows you where the city has been and where it's going. Good photos and updates on new projects in the city, both condo and casino.

Neon Paradise - a nice collection of photos of Las Vegas and the Valley, sorted by region.

Rate Vegas - Read trip reports, reviews and see photographs of the Las Vegas hotels and casinos.

Las Vegas Strip History - This site's a knockout! If you are interested in the history of the Las Vegas Strip, including the casinos that are no more, or what used to be where, you need to check out this site.

Las Vegas Tourism Authority - Much more dazzling than your average Chamber of Commerce's page. Good information, even if it is sanctioned by family-friendly Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Online - Sure it's ugly, but so are we, and we still consider ourselves fine companions. A great reference with tourist reviews of buffets and accommodations. See how poorly our favorite places scored.

Las Vegas Review Journal - This is one of the two local papers. Neither is much to sneeze on, but they usually have the latest, greatest news about Vegas.

Las Vegas Sun - The other local newspaper. It ain't the New York Times, but it has more news about Las Vegas.

CmdrMark - CmdrMark has lots of interesting trip reports and tons of good information about the natural beauty surrounding the unnatural beauty of Las Vegas. Want info on Red Rocks or Mt. Charleston? Then ask CmdrMark.


Wizard of Odds - Get past the too many ads and you'll find a site with great math and probability data about loads of different games. There are strategy tables, comparisons and some pretty cool real-world tests.

Blackjack Info - We take issue with some of the color choices on this site, but the blackjack advice is top shelf, so that makes up for the green background that makes us kind of woozy. The site features a blackjack basic strategy engine, where you can enter the particulars of the game you're going to play (do they hit soft 17? can you resplit aces?), and tailors a strategy card to those rules. There is also a really fantastic customizable basic strategy trainer in the form of a free Flash game. These guys have nothing on "Lucky Ned," but if you're after "good advice" based on "math," then go ahead.


Everything Las Vegas - Not exactly our tastes. They seem to looooove everything. But, the newsletter comes regularly and it links to a lot of news articles about Las Vegas, including reviews of restaurants and shows


Five Hundy by Midnight - I get the podcasts confused, but they all have a couple of people talking in somewhat bored-sounding voices about Las Vegas. They know their stuff, though, and they love classic Las Vegas.

The Strip Podcast - Again, a podcast hosted by someone who doesn't sound that excited about doing it. But, he knows his stuff and you can download his voice right into your iPod. Maybe it's great for listening to on the flight into town.

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