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Vegas for the Cheap, Cheap Cheapskate

Some call it the City of Lights. We call it the City of Free Lightbulbs. Can you really live-it-up in Vegas on a quarter a day? Absolutely. You just have to hit a jackpot with it. If you don't, and you still have a limited budget, then this site is for you. Years and years of living like scumbags pays off for the reader because you can either do as we do, or just laugh at how desperate we are to get something, anything, for free. And, uh, while you're reading, are you going to finish that donut? We're, sort of hungry.

The Gold Spike, our home for many years, has closed its doors. We pay tribute through haikus.

Free Crap - Find out where to get the freebies like keychains, photos, mardi gras beads, decks of cards and coffee mugs.

Free to See - You could kill a few days just gawking at stuff, and that doesn't even include watching us eat 1/2 pound hot dogs without our hands. This is a list of some of the best known free entertainments in the city.

Cheap Eats - You might not eat well, but you can eat cheap, from $1 breakfasts to $5 steak dinners, with a few shrimp cocktails thrown in.

Gamble Cheap - Penny slots, dollar craps, dime roulette and dollar blackjack. There are still a few of these games out there. Go play 'em before some mega-corporation bulldozes the tables to put in another Starbuck's.

Sleep Cheap - We'll point you in the direction of some cheap sleeping options, and some info on the cheapest times of the year to go. Look, we ain't promising you nothing fancy, but we haven't caught head lice yet.

Trip Reports - Our legendary trip reports are almost like you're there with us on one of our journeys into the bowels of the city, except that you don't have to get drunk and argue with a lamppost. Oh, and you don't get the huge drycleaning bill, either.

The Lucky Ned IncrediSystems Winstitute - Lucky Ned is the world's foremost authority on drunken, intuition-based gambling advice. Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno and more to come.

Encyclopedia Vegasana - A comprehensive list of Vegas terms we either made up or heard and liked so much we stole. Plus, you can suggest your own.

Old Lady Playing Keno Jokes - The world's most comprehensive collection of riddles about the female fans of the bouncing balls. Seriously, it is. Don't look in Guiness; they don't keep track of the really important things in life.

Vegas Haiku - The beautiful, austere form of minimalist poetry applied to the gaudy, tacky, over-the-top Las Vegas. By us.

Lucky Links - Scan our hand-picked selection of Las Vegas web sites. We weeded out the junk so you wouldn't have to.

Strip Map, Downtown Map and Off-Strip Map - Get your bearings with our colorful, hot-linked maps.

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