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Eat for Nothing. Nothing!

You might think you're pretty tough. You might impress your friends at home by swallowing any blended mixture of crap they throw at you. Perhaps once you drank the remains of a can of beer into which somebody had put a few cigarettes, and you didn't even puke. You must think your stomach has no match. Well, get ready for a serious challenge. Eating for free in Las Vegas can make your guts ache like after being stabbed. But, it's free. Our very favorite word of all time.

At certain times, everybody needs sustenance. There's no reason, though, for your body's inevitable cravings to cost you hard-earned dough. The items listed below require that you spend NO cash, and the moment you take that first bite you'll understand why.

Slots-a-Fun - Whoever said corporations are greedy never heard about MGM Mirage. At some point during the day, players get small, flavorless sandwiches. In the morning they give out free donuts to slot players, or people impersonating slot players, if you get our drift.

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