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EV Submission Guidelines

When submitting new terms for inclusion in the E.V., please be sure to include information on how you would like to be credited. I feel it is important that those who make contributions to the Las Vexicon be credited, even for minor contributions, for who can tell what significance and profundity may one day accrue to what seems like a trivial term today. Lexicographers, etymologists, and pedantic nerds alike often curse the lack of records documenting the origins of words and ideas.

I will credit you any way you wish, from "anonymous" to your full name, address, phone number and e-mail. It's your choice: First name only? Nickname only? E-mail only? Etc. Some examples:

  • "Please credit me with my full name and e-mail: Al G. Vasse, agv@irs.gov"
  • "I don't want anyone to ever find out that I was in any way associated with your website. Please keep me anonymous."
  • "Please credit me with my first name only and state of residence, the way I sign letters to porno magazines: Norm, Delaware."
  • "Acknowledge my contribution with the code name 'megastud'." (I may make fun of you on this one.)
  • "List me by my real nickname 'The Ugly Dork'." (I won't make fun of you.)
  • "List my real name, but not my area or e-mail."
  • "List my e-mail address only, not my name, so I'll still have plausible deniability, etc."

If you fail to indicate how you wish to be credited, I will use whatever name you signed to your e-mail. If you fail to put a name on your e-mail, I will use your e-mail address, sans the @-part. Also, if you fail to put your name on your e-mail (not just to me, but in general), you are guilty of a faux pas. It’s like a letter. Learn some netiquette, people!

Please bear in mind that just because you send them to me, doesn't mean I will include them in the E.V. They must first pass rigorous standards of usefulness, relevance, and cleverness as set down by the Big Empire Encyclopedia Vegasana Lexicographic Evaluation Committee, which consists mostly of me. Most terms will need to be "road tested" by the B.E.E.V.L.E.C. under actual Vegas conditions before they get added. On rare occasions, a term will be submitted which is so meritorious that it is immediately added to the E.V. amid a chorus of huzzah's. Usually, I consult the rest of the Big Empire staff on the addition of new terms, but I, Phil, am the final arbiter and lexicographer supreme! Hahahaha! You pitiful mortal fools! Bow down before my awesome power!

Um, sorry.

One type of term that I am particularly NOT looking for is nicknames for casinos. Yes, I included a few of the traditional ones because we use them and they are reasonably funny, and yes, if you come up with a particularly brilliant one, I will include it, but don't expect every dumb alteration of a casino name to make the cut ("Hey! I know! Instead of calling it the Imperial Palace, let's call it the Imperial Malice! Imperial Callus? Imperial Phallus? Imperial Chalice? Imperial Wallis? Imperial Talis?"). Don't be offended, even some of the Big Empire's own terms were left out. For example, we used to call the El Rancho the "E.R." or Emergency Room, because it was in critical condition, and in fact has since died. There may be six people in the world who miss it. But I digress.

I understand the Submission Guidelines and am ready to submit!

Got a comment or suggestion? Let Us Know.