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Don't give me any shit about Rushmore coming out in 1998 because it sure as hell didn't get to Denver until 1999. I guess we're not important to all those Audi-driving hotshits in Hollywood. But, I guess I'm just thankful that this movie came out at all. It's so fucking good. Bill Murray is so sad and funny. Jason Schwartzman is so ugly and genuinely a teenager. And Wes Anderson pulls it all together. It's one of those movies where you cringe because you like the kid so much that you don't want him to do the stupid thing he's about to do. Only, you cringe at Bill Murray too. And, I fucking cried at the end. It was one of the few times in my life when I wanted to see a teenager win. This is a movie I'll happily watch over and over, and I'll keep bawling my eyes out and getting that chill up my spine.

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