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It made me cream
my fucking jeans!
This is a movie you need to get your ass to in a big damn hurry. We're talking classic cinema like "8 1/2" or some of those really fucking good Woody Allen movies.

This is pretty
fucking good.
It's no Fellini, but it's definitely worth your time to see. By all means one of the better efforts amid all the shit.

Not so
fucking bad.
Look, if it's somehing you think your fucked up little mind might like, then by all means go see it. But, it's not worth going out of your way for.

It's pretty
Hollywood is at it again; screwing the little guy out of his hard-earned money. Those pricks got the better of you if you plunked down money for this shit.

I want my God-damned
money back!
This is the bottom of the fucking barrel, where Ernest and Carrot Top hang out. This shit isn't even worth going to if the stars are naked the whole damn time.


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