First, let me say that I don't want to have sex with Christina Ricci. I am aware that some men think she's pretty, but she ain't the kind of girl I want to see naked after a long day filling other people's cars with gas.

She can act, though, and good god you can tell she likes to. When she's on screen, she draws my attention. She not only occupies the character given to her, but she adds bittersweet dimension. Every character she plays is sad in a way I can feel.

In "Buffalo 66" she was given a role that wasn't supposed to have much meat. And yet, she filled it out and almost stole the whole Goddamn movie from right under Vince Gallo's big old nose. Give the same role to Neve Campbell and we all would be better off watching ground beef spoil. God bless you, Christina Ricci.

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