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Four little numbers: 1975. One of film's best years, and also the beginning of the end. Despite the high quality of Spielberg's "Jaws," that release signalled the decline of movies about people that actually resembled humans and the ascension of effects-laden crapola based on myth and heroic-romantic fantasy which continues to this day. Those who would say "What about Kubrick's 2001?" miss the point: that film is one of the most humanist films of all time. My friend who works at ILM would kill me, but George Lucas has probably done more damage (post-"Amercian Graffiti") to popular culture and taste in America than any other single figure. Is it sheer coincidence that most of international cinema has not succumbed to lowest-common-denominator storytelling? Despite a few glimmers of hope (Solondz, Anderson, Haynes, Fincher, Russell), Hollywood simply doesn't make good movies anymore. Even the occasionally highly-lauded efforts like "American Beauty" are "very good" at best. That's my ass-buggering felch-drinking fuckin' opinion, god damn it. Aw, to hell with all that crap. I immediately discount the argument of anyone pretentious enough to make lists of directors using only their last names, and especially any list so "street-cred" as this one.

Hopefully, 2001 will bring more TIT to the Silver Screen. Yes.

Since I live on a tiny island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, I didn't see a lot of 2000 releases in 2000. The local cinema getting a reel of 102 Dalmatians sets off a parade. I'm sure there were a lot worse and a lot better 2000 releases than what I saw. But I did see a lot of excellent movies on video, like Buffalo '66 and Nashville. I don't know if Debra Messing's done any movies. If she hasn't, I'm sure she will. Consider this vote proactive. where's the fucking battelfield earth earth review?? Coyote Ugly is to the masses what is battlefield earth is to all science-fiction fans. A piece of shit movie relying on T&A or l.ron hubberd to sell tickets. thanks fo fullsail for theire sponsershit of this criticke

Same as my choice below, I'd like more fury directed towards movies that are just big ads, e.g., Cast Away.

You're the only critic I listen to, but all my friends think you're a big asshole. Keep up the good work! Your friends are right.

You've got your head on straight as far as I can see. You loved Magnolia and you hated Down To You. Hope you find a job asshole!

You'd better use my quote this year, cause you said you would last year, ya hump. If not...I'll sit on my ass in impotent rage. You just watch me, pal. hing to do online. im glad someone noticed a great actor like John C. Reily he's my favorite actor and i hope he wins. Also im glad someone noticed how beautiful claire forlani is. I don't think you and I are in a secret Claire Forlani worship society. I think it's you, me and about eight million horny teenagers.

I would have loved to hear a Filthy rant for The Cell the most fucked up, disgusting piece of shit I've seen since that film on cattle slaughter I saw first semester film school. This is sicko porn where I can just imagine the writer, director, special effects guys, and so on sitting in a room jerking themselves off over how freakish a film they'd made for themselves. By the way if you're trying to figure out who the fuck Mark Ruffalo is he is in a small Yeah, yeah, we know Mark Ruffalo is in You Can Count on Me. I'm going to see it soon, I swear.

Oh my holy god, did "Little Nicky" ever suck. Suck doesn't begin to describe it. If all Adam Sandler's movies were scaled up until his others, which by the way actually suck such astronomically huge donnkey nuts that scientists think said nuts will collapse under their own weight and form a black hole, were the best movies ever made, "Little Nicky" would still make me want to develop new, more agonizing methods torture just for Adam Sandler. But it's all futile. I can never hope to put him through the kind of hell he put me through when I watched his movie.

I bet you never thought wiping fresh human shit on the screen could make a movie more entertaining, then you didn't see Battlefield Earth You kick ass even if you are a cynical bastard.

i thought i was going to coyote ugly to see cocktail with big tits but what i got was my local pub having amatuer night. what a lame fucking excuse for a movie. i stayed for the hilarity of the shit-ass acting. to be honest i almost stopped going to movies becuase of this industry turd. what was bruce willis thinking when he did m. knight shama-lama-ding-dong's movie unbreakable. you have to be some kind of pathetic idiot to finally realize after some 35+ years that you have super-human strength. i guess the studio thought we were all as stupid as willis in that we would but into this poorly thought out story. it was a pretty rough year for movies. i experienced a much higher level of happiness in the rental section of my local grocery store. They have pornos at your grocery store?

Magnolia was quite simply a beatiful package. Fantastic performances (even from Tom Cruise at moments) a great soundtrack and superb direction. It didn't even feel like three hours! Oh yes, and William H. Macy rocks! ahem.

I realize that Eye's Wide Shut may not apply for this years voting, however, I feel like it was SUCH a fucking BAD movie, that the taste still lingers. You only say this because you haven't seen the director's cut. It adds several new minutes of film that amplify just exactly how shitty that movie was.

Overall I thought it was a bad year for movies. I don't think there are any movies that came out in 2000 that will go into my all time favorites list (although I have yet to see a few that had potential).

The Filthy Critic is a breath of foul air in this wasteland of cinema that we are living in today. I've been holed up in my apartment, watching ""The Life of Ninja"", ""Repo Man"" and ""Being John Malkovich"" over and over again, afraid to venture out to a NYC movie theater and get raped for $9.50 to see a steaming pile of elephant shit. But now, thanks to you, I have hope. If you're ever in Brooklyn, drop me a line and I'll take you to my favorite dive: O'Connors on 5th ave., where they run commercials from the 1970s non-stop on the 18"" TV in the corner and jukebox is all punk. Would people kick my ass there?

I think the best movies are the ones that don't follow Hollywood's cookie cutter format. My favorites are the ones that are unpredictable and fresh. But most of all, movies should not preach to us, the viewers. We already have our morals, values, etc., and definitely don't need Hollywood telling us how to live and think. fuck battlefield earth, as a friend of mine told me, to improve the movie all that one needs to do is go up to the screen shit on your hand and wipe it all over the screen. Seems to be a trend.

This is pretty fucking hard. Thanks to your scathing reviews, Filthy, I hardly ever go to the movies anymore. I maybe saw half the movies that I actually voted for. Living in California, I was lucky to squeeze "O Brother, Where Art Thou" into my 2000, but I guess its official relase isn't until 2001. That would have gotten my vote for best movie, but it's just as well, since "Best in Show" deserves much credit. While watching Battlefield Earth it made me want to gouge my goddamn eyes out like Sam Nielsen in fuckin' Event Horizon, then make anal beads out of them to shove up that faggot biatch Travolta's scientologist asshole. After I'd fuckin' purged the eye-cancer from my body, I'd then go see Gladiator and imagine Russell Crowe was chopping the shit out of L. Ron Hubbards dead ass like the neighbor's fluffy cat I threw in my troybuilt tomahawk 8hp chipper shredder.

Sandra Bullock gets most fuckable, because with a mouthful of cock she'll finally shut the fuck up.

Filthy, your reviews ring of truth

I avoid thinking as I don't get paid for it. I have only animal instincts upon which I act. You are a fucking loser. Shouldn't you be listening to your Marilyn Manson records?

Yes! Thanks for reviewing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. That review made my day! I hope this film shoves it up the ass of Hollywood on how film-making should be. This is a film where the ending is vague and involves the audience to decipher what happens, unlike Castaway, which was spoon-fed to us (just as you said)."

Many people have been claiming that 2000 is the worst year for movies since 1930. Not so, I say. Perhaps it was the worst year for Hollywood, but many of us gave up on that big pile of shit long ago. There were many excellent movies this year; they just may not have been made by cowboy bob in anytown usa. Maybe some of them have (gasp) subtitles! Okay artsy-pants, time to get off your high-brow soapbox. Did it ever occur to you that we only see the best of what the rest of the world makes? Say we got three good Chnese movies in 2000, think about the hundreds of really shitty ones that were left behind in China. It could have been a shitty year worldwide for all you know.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is the best film so far this century. To anyone stupid enough to pay money to see Blair Witch 2, I have a big island in the souther hemisphere to sell you. How much?

D And D the Movie sucked shit thru a clostomy bag. Anyone attached to this movies should be publicly sodomized and banned from the movie industry.

keep ripping apart sandler for the lazy unfunny asshole that he is

Fight Club is a damn good movie and this is a damn good site. No and yes.

thanks for telling me the ending to Pay it Forward you inconsiderate fuck I am sure that if I met you, I would be happy with my decision.

Well, I hate all Freddie Prinze, Jr. movies. I wouldn't even classify them as "films". He is just a prop for some desparate screenwriter who thought it would be cool to make a movie that teens will like. He can't act, which is evident in the one character he repeatedly tries to play. Julia Stiles incurs my wrath because she was in that huge stinkfest "Down to You". Fuck that movie, and fuck people who thought it was cute. Claire Forlani is hot. I regrettably am not clever enough to spout big words to do her fuckability justice. I hope you understand. (sidenote: I know it's two days past the cut-off, but I just now came back to the site after a several-week hiatus. I just want to do my filthy part. Thank you for your time)

I'm going to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon tonight, but without seeing that, I'm saying Magnolia was the best movie of the year. I would have said that Adam Sandler was the worst actor this year, but that's getting old. I'm choosing the more beloved shit eater: Nicholas Cage. I went to go see The Family Man to avoid my grandparents and I wanted to punch him in the fucking face. He doesn't deserve the reputation he has. The last good movie he was in was Raising Arizona.

The only movie I saw this year was Cast Away. The last movie I saw before that was American Beauty. That's why I only voted in a few categories. If I didn't know you were my friend in Japan, I would think you're a cheapskate. As it is, I think you're a cheapskate in Japan.

Well Filthy, I think I should be your sidekick. I read your article every fucking week and agree with you almost all the time (but its possible that I hate more movies). You need a lippy as hell, full of attitude punk rock girl to assist you on occasion! (Not that you're not doing a kick ass job on your own). Requiem for a Dream was my favorite movie of this year because I felt like I had gotten the living shit beat out of me when I left that theatre. Any movie that can invoke that sense of revulsion gets my vote! (also, i loved the editing, and cinematography....but maybe i'm biased...i thought Pi rocked too) . Pretty much everything else that I saw this year blew chunks in my shoes, with the exception of Crouching Tiger... (I wanted to kill all the half - wits in the theatre who laughed at the fighting scenes...morons thought they were in a Van Damme movie or something.) Did I mention I tend to rant?? heh heh. Keep up the kick ass work. You Rock!

God help me, I know it's wrong but i miss 90210! It's not wrong. It's retarded, but retardation is not wrong. It's God's way of telling you you're stupid.

1. Zorie Barber deserves the prize simply for standing out (in a horrible movie full of horrible acting and horrible scenes) as a REALLY shitty actor. A guy who can look bad in this crowd is in a class by himself (thank God). 6. 2000 was so full of crap that the pull-down menu barely shows the tip of the crapberg (where's Angela's Ashes? Hanging Up? The Legend of Bagger Vance? All the Pretty Horses? Pay It Forward?). But The Grinch deserves special honors just for taking something loved by all and smothering it under hideous makeup, fake snow, and glitz until it means the opposite of its origins. (See what happens when the Academy doesn't recognize comic geniuses? Bill Murray makes Charlie's Angels, and Jim Carrey makes a travesty.)

Slashdot Yes, we know already. And thank you slashdot readers for actually buying shit through the Amazon link. You dot-com millionaires are a bunch of swells.

Really I didn't see that many new movies this year, but the ones I did see pretty much sucked ass except for Almost Famous. Gladiator was okay too, but not as good as my friends-the critics said it would be. A year for bad movies is a good year for Filthy Critic reviews though, so at least I had some consolation.

Category 1-Adam sandler should stick to 5 minute comedy skits on Saturday night live. they could use a good Operaman with the assholes that are on there now. And Helen Hunt, seriously, do you have to hog all the stupid lame-ass broad parts in one year? perhaps some studious looks at the parts you're accepting could improve your image. Category 2-Kevin Spacey rocked in American Beauty. He was the crazed middle-aged man to a T. not that I think he's fuckable or anything, but a great actor. And I couldn't think of a really great female star, but Julia Roberts is always watchable. Category 3-What woman wouldn't fuck Harrison Ford? When you still look like bedcandy at his age, you deserve a goddamned medal. Category 4-Charlie's Fucking Angels. It's a soft porn without the porn, and not even a good one, on drugs and metal music. If I want porn, I'll watch Skinemax at 3am. There will be actual partially naked tits and ass, and it only rips $10 a month out of my purse. Category 5-Gladiator. Maybe not a great choice, but I was forced to watch it by my boyfriend and pleasantly surprised that Russell Crowe could act. Category 6-BlairWitch 2. Do I need to explain why this mind-fuck fest is so lame? Category 7-American Beauty. Yeah I know, but I really enjoyed it, and it's my fucking problem, I'll deal with it. Category 7(again, asshole? Did you know you had two 7's?)-I'll forgive you. I may even restrain myself from calling you any of the phrases on my list, if only because I enjoy your humor so much every week, that I can't fucking stand it. The best part is waiting for IS to be looking over my shoulder when I read a particularly nasty Filthy line, and let those motherfuckers try and fire me!

You're fucking hilarious, Filthy. Your hate for Hollywood is the most righteous thing going. It's amazing how many people, and supposedly thoughful critics, eat up the shit they're shoveling. I enjoy good movies but have become far more discriminating as far as what we will go see or rent. If more people would do the same rather than lining up each week to get another serving of God-awful crap maybe Hollywood would get the message and change its focus. Maybe. Thanks for the attitude and the laughs. What attitude?

I don't think you're hard enough on John Travolta considering what a fucking wanker he is. Yeah, but I'm only human.

I would like to thank you for your excellent reviews. I think that you are easily the best movie critic that I have read... You need to read more, seriously. There are some great critics out there with better typing skills than me. One thing that I will say is that I am sick and tired of the fucking bullshit movies that America produces. Other than "Best in Show" I cant recall a single "Funny" Comedy. There seems to be only 1-2 good movies that are produced each year the rest is all crap. I think that this is a real problem for the movie industry. I had the misfortune of watching "Waterboy" for the first time last week and I cannot believe that people are making money from this shit. Maybe I should start writing movies??? Anyway I want to again thank you for the excellent work.

From the female perspective-- Ben Affleck is like one of those schmarmy frat boys trying to trick you into thinking he's sensitive so he can get you back to his frat lair. Russell Crowe, on the other hand.....hubba hubba.

Filthy, you make my work days go by so much faster! I love the fact that I can look forward to a review that doesn't kiss the ass of the man. And your witty asides and thoughtful slice-of-life observations are the cherry on top. I don't always agree with your four- or five-finger reviews, but the one-, two-, and three-finger reviews are always dead on. Please don't ever stop doing this site. I think what pleases me more than anything is when I hear that people are wasting their employer's time reading Filthy. That makes me so happy.

Filthy Critic is damn funny. Thanks for providing the only half decent movie reviews I've found on the web. But review MORE movies dammit!

show more pictures of yourself... The few that I have seen of you crack me up. They did that to most of the girls I ever had crushes on too.

Viva honest reviews!

quit saying that you're not a critic. here, kneel down in front of me. now, i hereby dub you a critic. there. and you're even more qualified than most of the shmoes out there because your readers choose you specifically and not your newspaper or something else. Is this some sort of Rennaissance Faire ceremony? If so, count me out.

I read the New Yorker (alright, get over it!). Boy, I don't know. This is going to take a real paradigm shift for me to get over the fact you read the New Yorker. Talk about dropping a bombshell! I believe that the New Yorker's film reviewer was absolutely right when he said in his review of CT,HD that the Chinese film directors would be taking the US (and world) film scene by storm in the next few years. I have heard some people express different feelings, but I am certainly refreshed by the understated, deeply felt performances that came out of the actors in CT, HD. I am tired of super closeups and screaming as a means of expressing emotion. I am ready for argument to lose its metaphorical construance as "war", and rather to be construed as "dance". Much of this was captured by CT, HD. Ang Lee is a brilliant director and I hope he has a long career still ahead of him.

Keep up the good work, Filthy! Your reviews are fucking great, usually right on the money. And, a special thanks for dumping loads of shit on Adam Sandler!

Filthy rules. It's hard to tell whether this is a real guy or not, but, character be damned. Even I get confused about it sometimes. You've got it going and you're my favorite review site. Seriously. Fuck Harry Knowles and his big gay ass and his queer formless reviews. Keep it up. I will not fuck Harry Knowles' big gay ass, no sir.

Let's face it - last year sucked for folks who wanted to spend money at the movies. Every time I shucked out $14 bucks for me and a date to watch something meant to entertain us long enough to get our rocks off in the back of the theater, I'd go home high and dry on both counts. So a big "fuck you" to Hollywood for being unable to come up with something that I couldn't predict the ending to by the time I was done watching thr trailers. Oh, gee. I wonder if Matt Damon gets the girl. He does. Dang, will Sandra Bullock get her man. She does. Damn, will I ever get my dick up my date's twat. You don't. Keep up the filth

I see way too many movies, or should I say I see way too many bad moies. I'm not sure if it is my imagination, or not, but this year seemed particularily bad. Very few movies stood out for being good, but many stood out for being very bad. I loved Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for being different. A truly excellent fable. I liked Almost Famous, but it was awfully cute. I thought Nurse Betty was thought provoking and funny as hell. Almost pissed my pants (as did about a hundred other people in the audience) while watching Best in Show. I saw Wonder Boys before the hype, and thought it was alright. I'm shocked that it is getting all the press it is, but maybe I missed something. And have you seen the new trailers-previews for it's re-release? My god, what shit. It is a shitty critic's qoute fest.

Why didn't you include the porcupine-humping hairy-humpback circus-midget Robin Williams??? I don't think he made any movies, did he? I honestly don't remember.

Jerry Bruckheimer should be shot beore he strikes again. Every movie he makes sucks. They're like 2 hour beer ads. It's like he makes movies for a the smallest demographic in the world. 26 year old-never gonna have a original thouhgt-cheap beer drinking-whassup saying-35k a year-empty headed-ex frat boys with thinning hair.

I freakin love this site.... Then why don't you marry it?

To say that I am a fool for going to the theatres once a week is an understatement, yet there I am shelling out 15 bucks a pop to sit in theatre watching Mel Gibson puke lines all over me, or see Helen Hunt in like 16 bazillion movies acting just like she did in that piece of shit sit-com she did with Paul Reiser. Every once in a while, a nugget of hope arises out of the morass. Most often in recent years it has been from Asia: Godzilla, Crouching Tiger, Drunken Master (although the latter was released in Hong Kong in '93). Regardless, I see no change in the near future. In two years there will be "103 Dalmations Fuck Babe in the Big City Whorehouse with Tom Hanks in a 2 hour FedEx commercial" and its going to gross 900 billion dollars. Why? We are a country of clue-fucks and corporate assholes. You have to draw a Venn diagram too see where those two categories overlap. What can be done about all of it? Nothing short of murdering all the writers in Holywood. Its not like we will stop paying the bitches to wipe shit across a 60 foot wide screen. Holy fuck. Venn diagram? Man, you're talking to the wrong crowd here. Nobody reading this cares about unions, sets and intersections.

I so hate Ben Stiller and his single facial expression. You know the one. The look of dopey surprise. The only emoting he does on-screen is to alter the proportions of dopiness and surprise... We all know it all too well.

Aside from Best In Show, you haven't led me astray yet. Thanks for that. What? Fuck you. You didn't like Best in Show? There is no room for dissension in our ranks, no place for you to disagree with me. How dare you.

Why dont you go watch more good movies instaed of all the dumb ones. Because they make more stupid ones, and more people see the stupid ones, and trying to steer people to the bestof what's available in small town America, where there is one screen showing one movie a week. Also, you should review the movie SolarBabies. Now go fuck yourself, you ass hornet.

You are the only honest critic in the biz. Thank you for recommending "crouching tiger..." I never heard of it, and wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't. keep it real

Please don't sell _Crouching Tiger_ short by nominating it as an underrated movied. It made me happy, much like your site. Give it a break.

I didn't see half the movies i voted for, i just went of the trailers and reviews (ie I haven't seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon but i haven't heard a bad thing said about it yet)

You know I dig you the most from my adoring emails. Keep up the filthy work!

They can all suck a fart out of my ass. Every one of them.

It's great to see a critic not afraid to see what he thinks, damn you're great. I laugh my ass off every week. Never a bad column. Oh, yes, there are some stinkers.

You are a filthy filthy bastard who should put your time to better use.... Unfortunatly if you do that I will have no where to get my movie reviews from a source that aint payed off by the money mongers and gives me a laugh as well..... On second thought keep wasting yout time so I can continue to waste mine. I will continue to waste my time.

No Comment. Fuck you, you think you're such hot shit.

Gooooooood shit.

Anna Paquin--so I want a little underaged ' that so wrong? Yes, it's very wrong.

You are the best film critic in the us. No, that would be Kenneth Turan.

You can't spell for shit sometimes. Look at how you spelled the word 'realy' (sic) in the line above. Is that really the only typo you caught? Your reviews are about the only thing I'll believe with regards to what is decent. People just don't understand that most movies suck.

u rock filthy

You misspelled really... If you're going to start correcting my errors, you better quit your day job. And I have to admit I can only remember seeing one movie during 2000 in the cinemas...or was it two? Or three? Anyway, I can't remember them (being sober is too boring, anyway). But Cube really kicked ass. But I love reading the reviews, anyway. Maybe I'll watch the next five-fingered movie shown here in Austria...

Hey ya prick keep up the good work! Did you review Mission Impossible 2? Who the fuck is going to believe that the tom cat flying, race car drivin, super barefisted fighten pretty boy(with the worst Paddy accent I ever heard) is going to out kung-fu a bunch of super evil terrorists(IRA who just happen to be ninja trained killers) when he could just use some super high-tech, satellite guided thimble sized nuclear weapons? Oh well. -Gooney

Not to overstate the obvious but you do movie reviews. That are funny and filled w- profanities. Me likee.

I like toast Me too.

you rock

Your a champion, if your ever in Australia Ill get you a job at my local service station. I don't think I would be able to figure out how to fill cars if the gas tank and driver and everything are on the opposite side.

im sure you miss my emails, but its hard, now that i dont have a job to slack off from

You're a cock. You say this like I'm supposed to be surprised.

good job, keep it up. i agree with you on almost everything except adam sandler. his low-brow movies make a shitload of money for one simple reason -- he's funny as hell. Using that logic, are N'Sync and Backstreet Boys also funny as hell? And Warren Bufett too? Adam Sandler makes shitloads of money because he lowers thebar so low that his movies aren't too clever for anyone. They are stupid as shit. why else is he the only successful recent saturday night live alumni (except perhaps for mike meyers)? Because they all suck. Believe it or not, Saturday Night Live is not a breeding ground for talent. It was once, but it ain't anymore. then again, i love random humor. billy madison is one of my favorite movies ever in that regard. the penguin is just classic, as is steve buscemi. perhaps we just differ in what humor we like. anyway, cut sandler some slack. don't you realize that his movies are not like anything hollywood normally makes? the type of humor can't be found anywhere else.

This year sucked when it came to movies and music.

Filthy, keep it up. Better an honest opinion than a bought one every day of the fucking year.

Godzilla 2000 kicked ass! Tom Hanks is a truely great actor although he can at times be a little bit too "Im the actor you cast for the good guy hero part". Heather Grahamn will always be the tops of my most fuckable (those legs, those tits, that mouth!) she is a good reason to become a celebrity movie star. You could make it to the top, fuck her, and then go back to pumping gas with a smile that will last the rest of your life.

I think you have some of the most right on reviews! I've always known other crititcs were dumbasses and never bothered to pay attention. You know what you're talking about because you're like the rest of us. (I think.) BTW, I thought Castaway Sucked! Two fingers up in my opinion! However, I'm not The Filthy Critic! BTW, you shouuld post your opinions on Epinions. They pay you for people who read them. You'd make a forture, and draw more people to your site! Fuck ePinions and their ads and shitty frames. No thanks to that.

Awesome site. I visit every week and I hope you can get a job soon... maybe dishes at Denny's? You have some good, funny shit here Filthy. I'm not gonna lead you on, though. Make a big pile and then get some help OK? Denny's? Jesus, you think I'm white trash or something?

You are fucking funny. Keep it up. I don't hate Adam Sandler like you do, although i think Happy Gilmore is his only decent movie. His records are actually pretty funny. I bet you'd like the song "She Comes Home To Me" on Stan and Judy's Kid. Other than that, Filthy, you are a thrill to read every time. And I WILL buy something someday soon.

Stay filthy!

Give me another chance to review a movie (see my brilliant (?) review of "Center Stage") - roGER

Somewhere a mistake was made. Someone gave Ben Affleck and Matt Damon an Oscar for that piece of feelgoodletspretendwe'repoorandhunky crap Goodwill Hunting. Ever since, I can't turn around without seeing one of their mugs on a movie poster. And the hacks think they have what it takes to pick talent now with their Project Greenlight. They represent all that is wrong about Hollywood. And you know they're gay as hell for each other. I don't know that, but I sure as hell suspect it. I think Damon is about 40x more talented than Assfleck, though.

Freddie Prinze & Adam Sandler are both castrated fur sniffing swelling diarrhea soaked nipple munches who deserve to have a firecracker inserted in their eyes. Paul Thomas Anderson is GOD.

Adam Sandler should really drop the moron act. Act? The Wedding Singer was hilarious. Big Daddy was funny. But, the rest of his stuff is so stupid and painful to watch, even 13 year old boys are calling him a retarded adolescent.

Shitty ass year altogether, at least i didn't spend too much green.

Best Movie is BOTH Magnolia AND O Brother Where Art Thou! Both films use dialogue, direction and soundtrack seamlessly to create two of the greatest films of all time. When ou can watch a three hour movie like Magnolia over and over and never tire of it, well then... and i cant begin to say as much as i want to about O brother without getting fired for not working. Unbreakable was probably the most disappointing movie of all time. what a crappy crappy movie.

This year for movies fucking sucked, and because of all this strike bullshit, the movies being made now are being rushed into production without finished scripts of any quality whatsoever, so 2001 and 2002 movies will probably suck more ass than 2000. Keep up your great rants and shit-talking fact, get nastier, meaner, and overall filthier...Hollywood sucks big, sweaty donkey testicles and there aren't nearly enough people out there who will publicly state that fact with the wit and wisdom you bring...fuck Hollywood, rock on Filthy.

Too lazy............

Listen, fucker, Magnolia came out in 1999 - it shouldn't be eligible. Fuck you and your rules. It's my site. However, I too didn't get the chance to see it until 2000. It was the only movie worth paying money to those shitstains in Hollywood. Everything else in 2000 fucking sucked my baby brother's freshly soiled diapers! Of course I haven't seen Crouching Tiger yet...

This has been one of the shittiest movie years in recent memory. Despite my distaste for Tom Cruise, I was genuinely excited to see "MI2" this summer before it came out. I loved Face-Off and thought that John Woo would do a killer job with the budget he had for this movie. While the special effects and the fight scenes were pretty cool, they should have spent more money on a better script. What a steaming pile of shit. "Down To You" was the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. If I had to choose between watching that movie again and eating the corn out of one of my rank-nastiest, funktastic beer shits of all time, I'd be chowin' the dirty corn. Freddie Prinze, Jr. epitomizes the notion that good-looking people have it easier than the rest of us. What a horrible fuck of an actor! I haven't seen "Best In Show" yet though I really want to. I hear it's great. I enjoyed "Meet The Parents" more than anything else I saw this year, which isn't saying much. I just thought it was pretty funny from start to finish. It wasn't anything ground-breaking, it was just entertaining. That's pretty sad when my favorite movie of the whole year was one that didn't piss me off like "MI2" did. Hopefully this year will be better. I know you liked "Magnolia", but I didn't get it. Reading your review actually helped me pick up on a lot that I missed. I watched it again, but I still don't think I quite got it. I enjoyed a lot of the performances though. I also just watched "The Virgin Suicides", another movie that I think had some great performances in it, but that I just did not understand. It's a very real possibility that I'm borderline retarded though, which would explain a lot. I liked "Gladiator", but I liked it better when it was called "Braveheart". "X-Men" was better than I thought it would be, but still not great. You may not like this, but I honestly enjoyed "Return to Me". I thought it was pretty touching, though the ending was a little stupid. Carrol O'Connor, Robert Loggia and those other old guys stole the whole movie. Oh well. I'll stop boring you. Your site completely rocks. I love the honesty in your reviews and how you don't hold anything back. Keep up the great work. I enjoy it.

keep on adam sandler, as he is the stenchest arse crack actor that god ever shoveled shit into

You were off about The Perfect Storm. The characters really didn't matter. Right, I was off. Characters in movies don't matter, we're supposed to relate to the waves... The storm was the star of that one. I like The cell for the imagery and Jennifer Lopez is a hot piece of ass.

Please do a column blasting all of the actors with unrecognizable voices who did an animated movie this year. Titan A.E.'s great animation was ruined by the crappy voices like Drew Barrymore and Matt Damon. As much as I hate Disney at least they went out and found distinctive voices for their movies.

If I wasn't at work, I'd probably write more.

Great job, filthy.

I'll tell you man, every movie I've seen that you reviewed, you've been right fucking on. I only found your site not too long ago, but I'll keep reading your reviews as long as you keep putting them up. I know the Sixth Day didn't get a whole lot of acclaim, but I thought it was just a good escape from reality sort of movie. I have to admit, I'm an Arnold fan, and I enjoy his movies (I even liked 'Last Action Hero'), but Sixth Day really sticks out in my mind as a real good movie from the last year like not many movies do.

Though it's great that you rip apart Hollywood, it'd be great to read your thoughts on some smaller movies, or occasional video reviews. And what the fuck is up with giving Charlie's Angels three stars? that shit sucks more goose carcass than an airplane turbine.

I wish I had seen more movies this year so that I would have had more choices open. I don't know if these are actually my absolute favorite or least favorite of the year, but the choices you gave were pretty accurate. Haven't seen Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Battlefield Earth yet, so my picks could change respectively for best and worst. Almost Famous is definitely the most overrated movie of the year. It was good, but come on. I don't care about Cameron Crowe and his little adventure. How much longer are critics going to go overboard about these movies which patronize audiences with these fuzzy warm stories that don't provide any insight or semblance of real life and real issues? That's why I picked Traffic for best picture at the moment. It felt real and important, even if it wasn't as deep as I wanted it to be. As for worst actor, Matt Perry truly bit hard in The Whole Nine Yards. His sitcom persona doesn't translate at all to movies. He still thinks acting is just mugging and constantly smacking into things like a spastic retard on speed. I think all my other choices are pretty self-explanatory, especially Pokemon 2000, which I only saw about 10 minutes of, but I got the idea.

I know you hated Unbreakable, and the kicker was a give-away, and yes Bruce looked like his face was carved out of a two-by-four, but it was supposed to look like a Frank Miller comic book from the early 90's and damn if it didn't. Maybe Filthy just read the words of his comics and didn't look at the pictures, and maybe he didn't hear Bruce say that it was the first in a trilogy-- so the ending (which was lame, I know) really isn't the end. So bite me. I don't understand why it should be considered good for looking like a comic book? So fucking what, that didn't make it any less a piece of shit to anyone but Frnak Miller comic book geeks who wet their pants because they recognized something.

I thought Here On Earth was the worst movie ever because no one likes a sappy teen drama. And I f*cking hate that LeeLee Sobieski. How can you hate her? She's the next Helen Hunt!

Keep it up Filthy... You renewed my hope there is real insanity in this world.

What a shitty, shitty, disgusting year for movies. If it wasn't for those few gems like Best in Show and Nurse Betty buried deep in this huge pile of shit, I just might have given up hope.

Nicolas Cage sucks all day long, and Linda Fiorantino was ass in Dogma (was that 1999?). Smith's dialogue may be an acquired taste, but her monotone delivery was like listening to a 3rd grader read a 6th grade social studies book. That slutty bitch Heather Graham has the mouth and attitude of a girl who you know loves to suck cum out of guys' dicks. And those big, natural titties, don't get me started!! The Grinch was a disgusting, shit-riddled tribute to consumer stupidity and Jim Carrey's fucking ego. Dr Suess allowed almost no marketing of his characters and intellectual property when he was alive, and now his wife is whoring his shit out like my mom sells her sweet poontang--to destitute motherfuckers who don't know a shitstained, rotting pussy when they smell one. The Limey was really fucking good (or was that 1999?), and Vin Diesel's character in Pitch Black deserves another movie, or at least a comic book. The Matrix was about the last good movie I can remember Hollywood shitting out, so hopefully after the third one the cycle will be complete and the Hollywood reckoning will be upon us, with high-quality films being released every week, by loving and caring producers and screenwrites who don't care about money and love us in a very personal way.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was just awesome

I can't believe anyone liked CastAway. that movie was so goddamn boring i couldn't wait for it to end. Tom Hanks' idea of ""deep and introspective"" is ""stare blankly for two hours"". Everything he did on the island was utterly banal. Except try to hang himself, which is exactly what i wanted to do after the first forty-five minutes of watching Tom go camping in the carribean. Everything that happened after he got off the island was painfully overdone, with terrible dialogue. (Helen Hunt's daughter looked like she was about three, so if Tom was gone for four years, she sure didn't waste any time moving on). I had more emotional attachment to the volleyball than any other character in the movie. Good plane crash, though. To sum up: CastAway = GAY. Is this fair to gay people? Let's attack a group who deserves attacking: Cast Away = people at a Tony Robbins seminar.

It's time Godzilla finally got the recognition it deserves. That piece of shit they made didn't do him justice, but when Godzilla 2000 came out, I knew that somebody was actually thinking. Now they just gotta do the same with Planet Of The Apes and we'd be in business!

I don't think. I surf the web, and randomly click on the pretty pictures. I'm the average web-surfer. You suck.

Your site rules

You are absolutely the most base and crude movie reviewer ever to grace the internet, and I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!

i dont even go to movies, but i like your page to steer me clear of wasting more money on that hollywood tripe. john cusack can eat the crabs off of my balls, high fidelity was a fucking awful movie, he tried to be hip and could not pull it off in my book. fuck him. If you want Cusack to eat your crabs, I will put you on the list, but I should warn you it may take six months to get to you.

I have a baby son, so I can't see many movies at this point. I will not sell him for medical experiments, though. Best In Show topped the movies I saw this year for wit, but I admittedly didn't see many, and thankfully, no Sandler or Schneider shitbag productions. Rot in crap film hell you celluloid Carrot Top's. Keep up the filth Matt. Sell the kid. Or, if you think that's wrong, give it away.

God DAMN, did 2000 suck for movies! You know the year sucks when you have not one, but THREE shitty sci-fi movies (Battlefield Earth, Sixth Day and Mission To Mars) on the screens within eight months of each other. For example, I happen to be a fan of good sci-fi, like Blade Runner, Dark City and The Iron Giant, but this year made me so embarrassed to like science fiction that I am about ready to drink the poisonous Kool-Aid to escape all the shitty movies. How the bloody buggering HELL did we go from great movies like Fight Club, Princess Mononoke, and American Beauty (all in the previous year) to complete and utter MOOSE FECES like The Grinch hitting it big at the box office? I have this horrible feeling that Jean-Claude van Damme is gearing up for "serious" roles, and if it does, then I'll probably just get out the old 9mm and put my brains on the wall. In a nutshell, this year's movie list made The Matrix look like Citizen Fucking Kane. I spent about a quarter as much on movies this past year as I did the previous one. Here's hoping that those kid-touching fucknuts in Hollywood let some good directors make some GOOD movies in 2001. So far, "Snatch" looks interesting; maybe that's a good sign. Keep it up, Filthy. Someone has to have the balls to stand up and say, "That sucked more than an atomic vacuum cleaner!", and you seem to be just the man to do it. Fuck 'em all.

"realy" is correctly spelt "really" Hah Like I say to everyone, if you think catching my typos is a fun pasttime, you should try something more challenging, like tipping wheelchairs.

hey matt, it's john reidy. thought i'd do my part and fill out the survey. continued success in the new year. But you didn't say a Goddamn thing.

I'm Filthy! We can all be filthy.

Personally, I feel that Battlefield Earth is the WORST movie every made. Worse, even, than the fucking debacle that was the Grinch. I mean, I walked out of Battlefield Earth going "Wow, I just wasted 2 fucking hours of my life and I don't have anything to show for it. Shit, I didn't even eat any goddamned popcorn." But you know that. And, Reese Witherspoon is the most fucking annoying actress in the universe. She might be able to act (Election) but she doesn't always show it (Cruel Intentions) and god damn, is she an idiot. Anyhow, I love the website. I have to say, I have very similar tastes in movies, so if you like it, I know I'll love it. And I have one final comment: GODZILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Maybe there is a little Godzilla in all of us.

Hey, I just found out about you a few months ago. I love your site!! You saw what we wanna hear, not some bullshit Ebert-Siskel (I can't fucking remember which one's alive and I don't give a fuck) would spew up. Keep up the good work and stay filthy! Ebert is alive, he is on a life support system where they intravenously feed him canola oil, Snickers and beef fat.

fuckin' great site you cum guzzler Keep up the work with your site! I'm from Montreal, Canada, and going to watch a movie is now 11$!! What a rip-off! So I never go see a movie before reading your critic, which is not a sell-out one, like we have here in our local newspaper. The local critic are sooo good to the movies that are currently playing, it seems that Hollywood is paying them!! long live to your site $11 is a ripoff. Thank God they're not real dollars.

Janeane Garofalo is as negative as me...although it could be a bullshit act to get her nitch market share

Godzilla 2000 revitalized my belief in good cinema, and confirmed my belief that Japanese society is on the Great Big Rocket Sled to HELL.

Very nice site, Filthy. I do not understand the appeal of 'The Wonder Boys'- however, as much as I hate Michael Douglas, I can see how Traffic would've been even more disappointing if Harrison Ford had taken Douglas' part. Thank God. Magnolia is still the best movie I have ever seen in the modern era- it's not perfect by any means, but it's very satisfying, and PT Anderson is a complete director. John C. Reilly and Melora Walters' sub-plot gets my vote for best vignette-within-a-movie. Keep up the fucking good work, Filthy. P.S. (I suspect) like you, I am looking forward to Katie Holmes' tits in 'The Gift.' Will it be too much to ask to see Jennifer Love Hewitt in a very naked role? Kirsten Dunst? Only time will tell.

This site is fucking awsome, keep it up! I love all the reviews and I've read every single one of them.

First, hit the fucking spellcheck in line two of section 8. No, realy. You people are getting on my nerves.

Please, Filthy, it's imperative that you address the whoring Helen Hunt is doing on the big screen. My brain leaks out my eyes when I see a commercial for ANOTHER movie with some big Hollywood icon (Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey, Richard Gere, Mel Gibson) falling in love with her because she's so freaking special. NO SHE'S NOT. And she must be stopped.

Dear Filthy, %While on a flight from Toronto to San Francisco, I was subjected to Misson To Mars. Despite the obvious danger, I almost walked out. I realize that in-flight movies have to meet certain criteria as far as language and violence, but why do the airlines pick such crappy movies? They'd be better off playing old classics like The Maltese Falcon or North By Northwest. I realize you write reviews of current movies, but in one of your upcoming articles, would you please direct a Filthyesque blast at the shitheads in the airlines who torture us with movies like Bring It On or Professor Gadget. Thanks

I know it's not in movies, but please review Welcome To Sarajevo. An awesome movie that no one knows about.

Thanks for reviewing Best In Show. Thanks to you, I saw the funniest movie I had seen since South Park. Also, if there aren't any worthy movies to review for the week, it would be cool if you went back and reviewed older (like late 90's) films that you missed, like Legend of Drunken Master or the South Park movie. Thanks a lot.

I don't like stuff that sucks. But your friends must.

I wish that i didnt live in a small stink hole of a town so i didnt have to see shitty movies in order to cut down on them just for entertainment.

Just curious as to a review of "Dancer in the Dark" -- it's gotten incredibly mixed reviews, and I quite liked it. Too long, though. "

Filthy is a sick, sadistic, lazy bastard...and that's why we love him! Keep up the great work you filthy pig! "

Filthy is dead on. However I think he ought to explain his prejudices a little more like Gooden. If I had any I would.

Filthy rules. Also, I am sorry if this is a repeat, my email at home was acting flakey.

The best actor in Mission to Mars was clearly the guy from Sliders. This is with that creepy prick Tim Robbins, Gary Sinese, Annette Benning, and Don Cheadle (who really didn't suck so mightily as the others) all in the cast. Christ what a turd that movie was.

I don't know if Magnolia was actually a 2000 movie, but I'm always happy to give my support to that finest of flick. I hated Unbreakable the way garbagemen hate Christmas, the only movie I can remember whose ending caused me to leave the theater angry. Samuel L. Jackson is still a bad mother fucker and all, but please. Worst ending since "Pushing Tin" (John Cusack serenades his wife over the cockpit radio), but of course I wasn't stupid enough to pay $7.00 to see it in the theater. I'd like to see "Being John Cusack" made this year, starring John Cusack in his tradtional role as John Cusack. No one does it better. Stay filthy!

Going with the flow, brother.

Sweet and Lowdown is now in my top 5 all time favorite movies, along with Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, The Wanderers and Shawshank Redemption. Sean Penn isn't my favorite actor but he can definitely act, unlike most of the other 'movie stars' who just play the same character over and over.

I had such a hard time with my choice for Most Fuckable because Russell Crowe is definitely one of the hottest men on the planet, but dammit Filthy, I love your mind - so I guess that means I wish I could fuck your brains out.... and one more comment: I wish you'd review more stuff like Run Lola Run and (you haven't reviewed this yet, that I've seen) The Castle - foreign flicks are often so much better than Hollywood tripe. Yes, but my job is to review new popular releases. Hell, I also see movies for fun, but it sure as hell ain't Down to You or Whipped.

i know that 'the legend of drunken master' was originally made in 1994, but its release in the U.S. gave disbelieving American audiences the chance to be converted to appreciating jackie chan. it is the best showcase of his skills and we were lucky to be able to see his ridiculous stunts on the big screen, so it gets best of 2000 from me.

I'm truly thankful for your website. This world needs more no-bullshit websites like yours. I run a web site that relies heavily on bullshit, I think.

Darling dearest hubby, you know I also adored "Best in Show," and I hope that movie gets some credit somewhere. Also, I wish I could vote for both John C. Reilly and Godzilla simultaneously. L'amour, L'amour, Mrs. Filthy You're the hottest chick on the planet, baby.

I give Filthy two big fingers up. (That's one on each hand). Mail them to me.

This year was very weak for filsm, coming after last year which had a solid 20-30 kickass films, from Magnolia, American Beauty,Three Kings, Fight Club, Matrix, Toystory 2, South Park, etc. I think the worst things I've seen this year were American Psycho, MI:2 and Meet the parents. I can't remember a year where I went to the movies less - and for good reason. What happened to Robert DeNiro? Didn't he used to be a reason to see a movie, instead of a reason not to? Same goes for Val Kilmer, Nicholas Cage, Travolta - they're all embarassing!

I saw very few movies this year compared to years past because of the abundance of shit flicks that came without end. I'm looking forward to the new year when maybe one decent fucking movie can creep past the fucking Hollywood shit stamper and escape the fate of many potentially good, yet terrible movies I had to sit through this year.

I'll tell you what THIS Filthy Reader thinks - you fucking rule! I don't know how I ever got so addicted to your writing style and banal musings on the state of Hollywood - but I can't get enough. I too live in Denver and I love to hear you mention some of my "old favorite" hangouts, including the now defunct Ralston Conoco and the "It'll Do" Tavern. Filthy Critic - you rock my world! You know why they DO IT at the It'll Do? "They do it for fun!"

I think you have just about the greatest web site in the world. I have nearly soiled my loins on many occasions while reading your reviews. After reading your interview in Sydney, I agree there have been a few times fluids of unknown origin have spewed from all of my orifices after a few of your columns. Keep killing. Oh and more of your cousin, please. What the fuck is fucking Battlefield fucking Earth doing in the Best fucking Movie and Most Underrated fucking Movie(Adjectives compiments of Sleppy Pines Trailer Park Thesaurus)?

I know you probably hated Final Destination, Filthy, but you gotta admit the idea of "death" trying over and over again to kill you is pretty fucking hilarious. I didn't see it.

I follow your opinions blindly, O great master of Moviedom. You give my life meaning and direction, even if you do like to give woodland animals prostate exams... I think following my reviews blindly is slightly less smart than going camping with a guy who reads Soldier of Fortune.

I'd like to nominate both male and female actors for most fuckable. Also, please include best-worst director categories.

The choices in each category were lacking in their number. After a dozen Molson's Golden Ales I can't withdraw much of anything out of the old memory banks. Love the site anyway. Why can't you update on Monday? Because I update on Sunday. What the fuck do you mean, does Canada have some screwy clock where our Mondays are your Tuesdays or something? Was that your Prime Minister's idea of a way to get ahead of the US?

i am god Then I am not sure if I believe in you.

Fucked up the ass with a barbed-wire dildo. Huh, where?

Mission to Mars was, by far and away, the worst fucking film I have ever had the great displeasure of seeing. Those fuckers in Hollywood might have as well just told me to flush my god damn $1.25, thank god it was only that much, down the freakin' toilet and gone and saved me the agonizing two hours I spent sitting in that theater.

Fuckin' A.

You are the fucking best Filthy. The motherfucking best. Now I'm blushing.

Can no one else see what a shitty actor Nicolas Cage is? I can. Can no one else see how fucking ugly he is? Maybe his acting seems brilliant compared to how ugly he is, or maybe it's the other way around, fuck if I know. Maybe he's a star because the average person can relate to being ugly and retarded, or maybe it's because his uncle is Francis Ford Crappola. On a different note, Lucy Lui can kick, or do whatever else she wants to my ass anytime. I don't think she was fully utilized in Charlie's Angels, though. If I was director, I would have had the bad guy kill Drew Barrymore instead of just try to, and then I would have had Lucy and Cameron, being so distraught by Drew's death, console each other 69-style on top of a ferrari or similar sweet ride. The end (no need to continue, since the audience would be mostly satisfied by then). I like your theory, but with Diaz and Liu, there wouldn't be much titty-rubbing going on.

I was SO glad you gave all 5 to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. You're right, it had some flaws, but I left that movie totally recharged. It reminded me of why I liked going to the movies in the first place. The freaking fight scenes made my hair stand on end. Original, exciting, and made to entertain. Now, Hollywood, is that so hard?????

Don't really have any comments other than keep up the good work in 2001.

You go girl! Never ever question my masculinity. That's my job.

Keep it up. Read you every week. I know this makes me a techno-geek, but I download your site into my Palm pilot every Monday. Can you hook up with to make a version of the Critic that can be easily transmitted? By the way, proofread a little bit more. I have no idea what you're talking about. You might as well be speaking Martian. Except for the proofread part, I get that, but I will ignore it because you didn't say the magic word.

Your site has become a "must read" for me and my cronies. It's, as a Whore would say, a "laugh out loud experience not to be missed!"

Great site. Great reviews. Not much else to say.

Dear Mr. Filthy, sir, You have renewed my faith in the internet. I have finally found someone that does not white wash the obvious money makers or praise the grossly mediocre! I am pleased that you are not afraid to reveal a chunk of shit when you see it. Thank you thank you!" "

As my ""wish"" field says below, I wish you would review more movies! Too bad they're so expensive. Why I liked Battlefield Earth: I thought John Travolta was wonderful as a bad motherfucker. And the movie *looked* really cool. Plus, I think you can add a Harrier jump-jet to any movie and improve it by an order of magnitude; if they had put a jump-jet in the trailer for Bounce, for instance, I would have gone to see it in a second! Mission to Mars was the only movie, ever, I have had the urge to walk out of. I didn't, 'cause I figured they might possibly redeem it at the end. Of course, I was disappointed. Total rubbish."

Maintaining a consistent mediocrity throughout 2001 would be a great stride forward for Hollywood. And me too.

Magnolia is easily one of the greatest films of all time, if only for telling a story so effectively. Unfortunately, Paul Thomas Anderson is apparently going to team up with Adam Sandler on his next movie. I wish someone would put a fucking bullet that profoundly unfunny motherfucker's head. I want to get the girl from Crouching tiger hidden dragon to spar with me - If ya know what I mean.

paul thomas anderson is the best filmmaker in hollywood, the rest of them can fuck off. I think Paul Thomas Anderson is probably an asshole, but Magnolia sure is good.

Great fucking job. Keep up the goddamn great work.

I think that crouching tiger is overrated, but is still so much fucking better then any of that hollywood cockyshit. It would be cool to get a music section going on your site. I do a & r for a label and am filled with intense bitterness. can I help? will submit writing-urine samples on request. ps- this html form is fucked up.

Bad movie year!!! Bad bad bad!!!

The site cracks me up. I like the references to Mrs. Filthy, it puts the whole thing into perspective for the average guy-living-with-a-chick. We all have the same problems, er, I mean blessings. Proof of Life was OK; I might have put that on some of the lists ahead of Battlefield Earth. Travolta's a buffoon these days.

Filthy, my choices for most underrated (Way of the Gun) and best of 2000 (Requiem for a Dream) practically require a Filthy review. I know it's fun when you hate a movie, but 2000 wasn't quite as bad a year for movies when you consider these two great(in different ways) flicks. Oh, and if you did review either or both of them, sorry but I missed it. Keep it up.

rock on.

Well i'm german and i don't like "Run Lola Run" as much as you do. If you would know more german movies you would even hate it cause these actors are in every german flick. Yet another reason that thank God I am not German.

As a film student at SMSU (yes, I'm too poor to afford a real school, like NYU so this will have to do for now) I'd have to say that my favorite movies of 2000 (which was a shitty ass year for movies, compared to '99, when the best movies ever made, "American Beauty" and "Magnolia" were released) I am choosing "Nurse Betty" "Gladiator" and "Almost Famous" (although parts of all these movies were flawed, unlike the aforementioned classics). And I'm getting really fucking sick of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. How many piles of crap can ya pump out a year? Damn!!! Also, Claire Forlani and Freddie Prinze Jr. and even the goofy (yet extremely likable) Jason Biggs should be crucified for making me suffer through "Boys and Girls" which was the biggest pile of shit I've seen in a long time (besides "Blair Witch 2" "Down to You" and any Affleck-Damon movie). I wish John Travolta could learn to say "No" to the horrible scripts that come his way. I think he just got lucky when he chose "Pulp Fiction." I don't think he'll ever make anything that good again. That's all I can think of, for now. Got a New Year's Eve hangover from hell. Drank that cheapass wino wine. How the fuck do you put Battlefield Earth as a choice in most underrated and Best movie?? Did you have a small alcohol induced spasm that accidentally made you click somewhere that put it there? Get that shit out of there before some numb nuts goes and votes for it and makes it end up on the pie chart or something! FILTH RULES Filthy...needless to say you are quite extreme as far as opinions go...but for the most part I agree fully with 98% of your reviews. Best In Show was hands down my movie of the year. Here's hoping Christopher Guest is allowed to make a movie a year and cast the same people he has worked with for the last 10 years in each film!!

I don't watch nearly as many movies as you do, but Magnolia sure sucked ass. Shaft really blew the big one, as did PU-571. I really dug High Fidelity (pretty true to the book luckily) and I agree with you about Crouching Tiger - that shit was entertaining from start to finish. Made me forget about the 12 year old punks sitting behind me squawking the whole damn time. Just saw "Romantic comedies suck big long logs of my shit. Angelina Jolie should've been on the most fuckable list (c.f. Hackers, mmmHmmm.... She has lips like she could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, always a good thing if you like blowjobs as much as I do ;^])"

Don't know what to tell you really. There's only one way to improve on the the filthiness and that would be to have more of it. See, my wife is getting frustrated, because I refuse to see a movie until you've reviewed it (because I agree with your tastes almost exactly, Julia Roberts notwithstanding) . I don't see more than a couple movies a month (a shame, I know), and you review infrequently enough that this usually isn't a problem. But lately we've been wanting to get out to see the movies more often, and I find myself troubled with the choices. So I guess you should go out more often, see more movies. Or not. Life could be worse.

I didn't see many movies this year because I hate going to sucky movies. Luckily, I didn't see any of the 'worst movie' choices. Woo hoo! So I chose the worst one I saw, which was Dogma. A good choice, nonetheless.

Boys and Girls pissed me off so much, good God I'd rather stab off my own testicles with a blunt #2 pencil than see it again.

You do an excellent job at reviewing films, so keep up the good work. Another thing, don't ever get rid of that picture at the top of all the pages (the one of yourself frowning) because it makes me laugh every fucking time I see it hehe. That's the best fucking picture I have of me.

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