Producer/Director Burt Cohen

Mr. Cohen first gained recoginition on the midwest dinner theater circuit in the late 80's. He revolutionized the concept with his bold staging of Equus, where live animals involved in the production were later served to the audience as a mouth-watering meal. His recent film credits include two New Orleans segments of "College Girls Gone Wild" available on home video.



Gabby the Bionic Lion

Gabby the Lion escaped from a decrepit Mexican Zoo, and wandered around the desert until she was run down by a bus. She was rescued by Dr. Randolph Burns, whose controversial experiments in cyborg technology had cost him his license to practice medicine in the U.S.

Dr. Burns vowed to rebuild Gabby. Better than she was before. Bigger... stronger... cuddlier. She is the only known half-robot, half-lioness in captivity.

Matt Weatherford as Sigmund

After 3,127 shows, Matt Weatherford recently passed the role of Armless Tommy in the Broadway musical "I'm The Caboose" to Linda Lavin. Despite their creative differences, he wishes her well. He is currently developing a sitcom for NBC titled "Who Wears the Pants" and is best remembered for his recurring role as Crazy Neighbor Bob on the popular "Mike O'Malley Show." Prior to his theater experience, Mr. Weatherford was a hand and foot model for Montoya Jewelers.



Mark "Stinky" Sinclair as Rey

Mark is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Li'l Billy Britches in the Off-Broadway production, "Who's a Bad Boy?" by the Austrian performance artist and playwright Uta Grügen.

The most difficult aspect of playing Rey, he said, was "Getting the stains out of my costume after lunch."

Amy Yarger as Miss Lola

You may not have seen Amy Yarger before, but you're sure to have heard her dulcet tones, providing radio commentary for the scrappy Wild Pretty Ponies, a local Bobby Sox team. "Presto P.I." is Ms. Yarger's cinematic debut, but she hopes to continue her acting career, perhaps with a guest spot in this season's production of "The Odd Couple" at the local community theater.



And Introducing Daniel Ari as Mr. Slick

Working for years as a free-lance rebar installer, Daniel's mind was as far from stardom as it could be. The sudden payoff from Presto P.I. in money, recognition and easy sex has made him a real snot of late, even though he's "temporarily" returned to rebar installation.

The Checkmates

Las Vegas legends, The Checkmates, perform almost nightly at either Arizona Charlie's East or West, and are consistently voted the best lounge performers in town. Visit their website,



Bass Line Dada

When they're not graciously providing theme music for Presto, P.I., Bass Line Dada performs in and around Oakland, CA. Visit their website,