2000 Foul Phrases

The complete list of foul phrases from you, the Filthy Readers.

not even dipping it in pus could make this movie worse

*Insert movie title/actor here* sucks the big wet brick.

Cheese grater castration," as in, "Adam Sandler deserves to die from loss of blood as a result of cheese grater castration.

Cum bubble" "Vaginal Fart" "Inner Rectum Bleeding

Drinks from liquid leaking ass" "Crusty spiky ass ramming cock fuckers" "These sorry fucking shit silohuetted actors couldn't make a convincing line come from their sperm coated throats even if their worthless whore fille

Fucking outrageous.

goat-fisting choir boy

He's beating her ass like an unattended Mike Tyson w/ a prostitute.

How the fuck could Hollywood make this bucket of shit.

I like Adam Sandler.

I'd rather drink from the dick of a goat." (stolen from Killdozer)

Nasal rape", or, alternatively, "fuck me in the nose"--something like that

"tastes like chicken-smells like fish

his film is like a bar full of men with mullets, each banging their heads in sync to the sounds of Iron Maiden's 'Piece of Mind'LP.

This movie felt like a huge, phalic-shaped shit-missile fired straight up my ass and out my mouth.

Why don't you shut that dickhole you call a mouth?" (courtesy of Chef Michael)

Worse than 10,000 rabid monkeys poking and prodding at your anus with diseased, maggot-infested hands.

You know, I used to fuck people like you/him/that/whoever when I was in prison.

Enter actor/actress's name here" should be ass-raped by wild goats while their parents watch.

(x) was too busy sucking the cocks of Mexican scab laborers for crack to write a screenplay/act/direct.

This movie eats lumpy shit. -Ben Stiller "or Adam Sandler, etc." needs to have an angry wolverine shoved up his ass. - Thiscolostomy bag of a movie ...

... has seen more cock-ends than weekends.

... like getting a rectal exam with a potato peeler and a school cafeteria-issue metal spork.

...as much fun as having a broken-glass-enema "or did you already use this?"

...if she gave me half a chance I could spend all day tongue fucking her box and come back up looking like a glazeddoughnut.

...like watching Kevin Costner get a facial from Keanu Reeves.

A festering boil inside the anus of good taste.

a fucking retarded kid with 3 fingers could make a better movie

a pus-sucking, shit-munching affront to common sense

Adam Sandler sucks maggots from the asses of dead AIDS patients, of course.

Anything with the term "trailer trash".

ass eating monkey humper'-all purpose insult -or- 'you've gotta be tongue-jacking my shitbox'' - expression of extreme incredulity"

ass spelunker "spelunking, spelunked, etc..."


ass-licking dead-cock-sucking motherfucker, not very original but a good combination of terms. There's also crawling-cunt-licker, which combines licking with the idea that a disease is present. Just right for those brain-dead casting-couch-graduate

the time rubbing my testies across the cheese grater seemed to be less painful then sitting though another steamy pile of Hollywood after birth

Bed sores gave me more pleasure than that film. Adam Sandler should be clubbed to death with Michael Bolton's dismembered head--swung by that no-talent's awful fucking hair. Meg Ryan should be exposed as the phony Hollywood contraceptive sponge

Better than jerking off to breast cancer ads

bitchbox, cockpit, jagger lips

Bites the dingleberries off of a gorilla's hairy ball-sack

Blood-caked aborted fetus of a movie

Bloody Cum Dumpster

Blow it out your ass you loose-cunted whore.

blows dogs for quarters'

boner biting bastard unclefucker pubepicker pussydrip pearldiver

busier than a cat burying shit on a marble floor.

butt juice

Butt-fuck sluts go nuts

Christ Killing Nazi's


Clit-popping ass fucker kills more brain cells than a Freddie Prinze movie less fun than getting nads stuck in your pelvis bone as queer as Harry Knowles on skipping down Castro Street

Cock Goblin

Cock slurping, cum guzzling pig rimmer.

Cock-slapping buttmaster, ass-fingering profitmonger, compassionate conservative

Cock-smackin good

Cock-sucking, ass-eating retards

Creepy buttlord rectal goblin

Cum bucket, sucked ass, fan-fucking-tastic, ball washer

Cum guzzler

cum guzzling herpes whore -- this could be used to describe the female lead in any of these crappy teen movies that star Freddie Prinze Jr. and some equally untalented cookie cutter chic like Julia Stiles or Sarah Michelle Gellar -especially SMG

cum guzzling screenwriters' whoring mothers--who should give their sons a discount so they don't have to write this pathetic crap that gets made into movies

Cum soaked shit bucket-especially when referring to Adam Sandler

cum-burping whore

cum-fucking cunt-grabber

cum-gargler tea-bagging rimjobber fisting-feaster nipple pinching pus-eater

cum-snorting turds

cum-swilling cocksuckers.


cunt lapping whore

cunt-lipped, shit-sniffing pedophile




dirtier than a monkey's fuckstick

disgusting sag-tit whore monstrosity

donkey fisting piss shitter

donkey raping shit eater

Either testicle shitting rectal boy or donkey raping shit eater

farty pants

felt like a left handed dead arm fuck.

fetus-eating jesus fucker

Five fingers in the ass of Hollywood

for the next tom hanks movie: he could come out with his own line of dog shit mobiles to hang over a baby's crib and they would sell like hotcakes, that's how much hollywood kisses his ass

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw

Fuck me, Alice.

Fuck. There's not enough of it.

fuckin' fucker's fucked

fucking ball messager

Fucking hotty finger puppets bouncing on my fingers

fucking retread goddamn jingo fuck the amazing glass boy

fucking smack wack daddy

Fucko. Its lame and unoriginal, but what isnt...

Get a dog up ya.

get your dick outta the peanut butter, cause you're fucking nuts.

Gimme five minutes alone with adam sandler, a tube of vasaline, a jack hammer, and two gerbils. Then I'll be a happy man.

Give Penelope Cruz a Tossed Salad

goat fucking dick licking cum bucket

God, you'd better fix this or I'll rape your ass.

God-damned, motherfucking, son-of-a-bitch or Flog the cat in the ass with a bat.

greasy, diarrheic turd

Harder to watch than an epileptic leper having an orgasm.

He/She looks like the back of my balls

he's so dumb, he couldn't count his own balls and get the same number twice.

Heather Graham is so hot I couldn't hold out for her to get undressed, I'd just push her over and blow in her ear.

Here kids, breathe through this rag.

Hey Filthy, I threw my back out humpin' your mom last night.

Hollywood can lick the sweat off my hairy, sagging balls.

I can't even imagine.

I don't drink to fit in. I drink to stop the voices in my head.

I don't have a specific phrase for you, but if you can insult Harry Knowles some more, I'd be tremendously satisfied. That fat fucker hasn't seen a movie that doesn't give him a hard on.

i get the feeling like the people who made this movie, are escaped mental patients who have rabid horny monkeys slapping them with boards every other minete

I have shit myself in public and retained more self-respect than...

I haven't been this disillusioned since I discovered the Tootsie Roll I found on the floor actually came out of the cat's litter box.

I hope that ____ gets hit by a friggin' bus.

I hope you're into collecting dildos because you can go Fuck Yourself!!!

I hope your children all have small dicks. Including the girls.

I laughed when I heard the name "Ass hornet". You should call someone that.

I loved Mrs. Filthy

I miss the term 'anal madness'. Blood was a great game.

I think you've used them all. WOW....

I usually reserve this for my own movie reviews, but I'll let you have it, as you are the only critic I can trust: "This movie was like Twister without the wind"

I was getting assreamed... like nobodys business.

I would fuck my mom up the ass if it would give me recognition

I would like you to use the term "Jizz in my eye". Now i'm sure you can imagine how much it sucks to get jiz in your eye (redness, pain, and blurred vision for the rest of the day) , but I like to use the term figuratively to describe anything that really

I wouldn't assfuck that bitch with Ben Affleck's shrunken boy-cock.

I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire

I'd get a blowjob from Abe Vigoda before I'd see that movie again.

I'd like to bite her in the ass, pray for lockjaw, and hope she drags me to death.

I'd like to make " " sob like a school girl with a skinned asshole for making that " "

I'd like to poke Catherine Zeta-Jones in the leather Cheerio.

I'd like to the director/lead actor/screenwriter/etc. to repay me by tasting the base of my limp, war-torn dick because there's 2 hours of my life i'll never get back. Multi-fisted bloody anal rape would have been kinder.

I'd rather eat the ass out of a menstruating skunk than sit through another "Ben Affleck, John Travolta, Ethan Hawke, Freddie Prinze, Jr. etc" movie.

I'd rather fuck her Dermoid Cyst.

I'd rather fuck the dead body of the Virgin Mary than see that piece of sweaty ass goat balls again.

i'd rather gargle Mickey Rourke's leftover smegma

I'd rather stick my head up the ass of a cow and inhale

I'd rather suck a retard's asshole than watch this.

I'd rather take a Cleveland steamer to the eyes than have to sit through this another minute of this bad boy again.

I'd sooner feltch cum from my ass than watch this piece of trash

I'm going to sell out this year...

If Sandra Bullock got her fat cranium out of her anal cavity, then maybe she could put two words together.

Is he done lactating yet?

It is like trying to stuff 10 lbs. of shit into a 9 lb. sack

It sucked the shit out of a dead man's asshole

it was like peeling my foreskin back with a potato peeler

It's like being fucked in the ass with a piece of frozen shit. It's like getting drunk off the diarrhea you've sucked from a drunk's ass This guy would fuck the fetus of a pregnant 12-year-old I wouldn't fuck her with a st

its like having someone duct tape the inside of your ass, the rip it out slowly


lap up bloody cunt gravy.

lesionous whippet's dick manchowder gargling

Let me just use my 6th finger... Mr. Happy :"

lick me where I shit

like a throbbing, dripping postule on a movie directors ass

like Christopher Walkin, in Sleepy Hollow, eating some big fuckin' twat.

like sucking a cat's asshole

lipstick-wearing felch-monkey

Make up your own dirty shit Filthy, you lazy fuck.

Man, how the furry fuck am I going to out filthy the filthmiester himself?

May Nicolas Cage suck his own filth as he has forced movie goers to do for far too long.

Meg Ryan loosens my bowels. or I will bend you over a stool and take your life in my hands.

mission to mars was like having my ball sack nailed to a two by four and being pushed backward through a doorway.

Monkey Ball Busting Penis Wrinkles

more "fill in the blank" than giving The Elephant Man a rim-job

more repulsive than Roseanne shitting in your hat

Mother of Whores. Sodden cunt heap. Sputum spewing shithole.

motherfucking cocksucking 4X4 son of a bloody bitchy bastard

My daddy told me to never turn anything down. The only thing you turn down is a naked teenaged girl, and you turn her face down.

My friend met Ron Jeremy once at some book signing or porno convention or some shit like that. Ron signed a picture for my friend, and he wrote "Rock Out With Your Cock Out - Ron Jeremy". I'm not sure how you would work that into a movie review,

My mouth is far too fair to say nasty stuff. Well, perhaps that's a lie, but any profanities I choose to use are not as much REALLY filthy, but merely necessary and to-the-point. Sorry.

My nene lets me know she cares

nah, i think you have covered all the bases here

Performed like a syphilitic spawn of a simian shitfuck.

piss guzzling fuckface Ron Howard

piss the shit out of me dumbfuck fucking fucknut painfull ass bleeding

piss-guzzling ass-ramming cockmonger

polished lump of shit

Putting my fleshlog in your pudding pack.

Remember that poo, like that other fluide de l'amour pus, is a lubricant.

Ride the walrus.

ron howard does not deserve to suck the shit out of my ass after what he did to the grinch and jim carrey is such a fucking moron for thinking he deserves more than a mcdonalds rate of pay for that shit he puts out and labels acting.

Scrotum-licking-ass fuckers

She is so hot, I bet she shits vanilla ice cream...

shit corn scavenging gutter whore

shit sandwich

Shitfucking hollywood crackwhores

Show me you can make a great movie you cock sucking, ass reaming, Hollywood fuck ups!


skankified cum dump

skull-fuck a scientologist

skull-fucking cum dumpster?

slimy cum-bubble

So ugly, there aren't any fake nudes of her.

Sorry man I don't have it in me.

Sperm Belching Gutter Slut

spicy peanut butt ball

spot of dried dog cum on the carpet

Start using analogies...like: Ziyi Zhang is to CTHD as a big round ass is to Jennifer Lopez.

STD Farm

stick it in my butt

Suck my crotch

suck my felch tube

suck the asshole of a bled-out ebola victim

Suck the shit out of James Cameron's ass.

Suck the Snotty end of my fuckstick

sut lut

sweaty nasty cunt


that eisenhower sure had a nice smile.

That fucking cunt needs to shut her mouth or I'll fuckstart her head.

That movie was so fucking good I creamed in Al Gore's pants.

That movie was worse than riding a bike without a seat down the railroad tracks during a particularly bad case of hemarroids.

That's cheesier than my nutsack after a night of wrestling Mrs. Filthy on a vinyl couch to get the last Schlitz.

The last time a movie made me that sick I was watching a re-colorized japanese school girl snuff film

Them fucking cockgoblers. Money Grubbin' whores.

There's a difference between driving it like a rental car and driving it like it's stolen.

They way these actors struggle with their lines is like an elephant performing a vasectomy on a gerbil: both are nervous, it takes awhile, and in the end the job gets done, but not like anyone expected.

This *director, actor, actress* should suck my dick in hell while having a hot poker shoved up *his, her* ass.

This film hurt to watch like the pain of having your dick peeled like a banana.

This film is special in the way that the Special Olympics is special. "Not so much foul as offensive...I cannot hope to compete with your mastery of the profane

This fucking film sucked like a ten dollar whore on dollar night.

This movie left the box office faster than a black man runs after he has raped a white woman.

This movie made me feel like having John Travolta toss my salad with Tobasco sauce.

This movie smells worse than my grandfather's penis.

This movie stank like my balls do after a long night on the piss

This movie stinks like a female death row inmate's crotch.

This movie sucks like my ex-girlfriend. Which is to say that it doesn't even suck well. It's an interminable hell of painful scraping and pelvic pain.

This movie sucks more ass than a transexual felcher. OK - it doesn't make any sense, fuck it. I love you, Filthy..

This movie sucks more ass than Richard Gere's favorite gerbil.

This movie sucks more ass than Richard Simmons.

this movie sucks more dick than a gay pride parade

This movie sucks the cum out of Tom Cruise's ass.

This movie was about as fucking stupid as handing braille finger paint to blind retarded children at a bus stop...

This movie was almost as much fun as licking up the dried-up shitcrust coated around my father-in-law's rectum.

This movie was so good that at the end of it, the double espresso sitting in my lab had become a dairy creamer. This movie was like a lesbian orgy: messy with plenty of holes, but somehow strangely appealing. This movie could h

This movie was worse than the smell of the crap that comes out of the little dimple on the side of my dick.

This movie was worse/better than being butt-fucked with a Nine-Iron by Adam Sandler

this pictures is an aids-filled cum bubble dripping off a faggots ass.

To say Elizabeth Hurley cant act is like saying the sky is blue - its blatently obvious.

unless you have the ability to dilate your anus...

Vaginal blood fart

Watching that movie hurt more than Mrs. Filthy took a ball peen hammer to my balls after she found me watching her Mom take a shower.

Watching this movie was like having a rake taken to your face followed by a grizzly bear pissing in the open wounds.

Watching this movie was worse than fucking an acid filled jelly donut.

Well fuck a duck

What a cocksmoking piece of assreaming whore's queef.

What kind of Hollywood bastards would advertise f*cking shit like this? Those f*cking a**holes.

what's the matter with that crippled queer? I'd be on top of Jessica Alba faster than dingos on a kangaroo carcass.

When asked how something tastes, I always reply: "I can't wait until it forms a turd and leaves my body"

When I compare the experience of watching "The Grinch" to being butt-fucked by a diseased rhino, I think, hey, at least the rhino won't charge me eight bucks.

who could possibly instruct the Master?

whore-eating, demon-reaming shitfuck.

Why don't you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself?

Why the fuck should I write for you, you lazy piece of shit? Oh well, I can't resist: My New Year's resolution is to shit out a fat log and shove it up Laura Bush's bush.

Wish I could claim credit for this one but it's from Way of The Gun: "Shut that cunt's mouth before I fuck start her head"

with masturbatory glee'

Work some of the classics into your comments about screwing the hot female actress in any film. Good ones like Teabagging, The Houdini, Angry Dragon, Dirty Sanchez, Hot Carl, Red Wings, or Zombie Mask

worse than a mouthful of clap-infected cum

You behave like Matt Damon.

You get a few from me 1" shit-breather 2" fuck-ball 3" cock goblin 4" president bush

You look like the rat faeces dribbling out of Adam Sandler's stinky cunt

[x] would suck his own dick if only he had one.

_______ rides the fucking cock horse.

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