Here's How I Rate the Movies

  9 stars: You gotta give them credit for trying. (And you gotta be grateful for mute, fast forward, and eject.)
  9-1/4 stars: There are some really memorable scenes in there.
  9-1/2 stars: Entertainment, plain and simple.
  9-3/4 stars: A seriously good evening of video watching.
  10 stars: One of the best: a film that could change you.

As a Video Venturer, I explore the wide breadth of material now available on home video. Though Blockbuster and its ilk offer 200 copies each of whatever mainstream movies have just made it to home theater, I like to broaden my search to off-beat video sources. Besides new releases, I review cult films, classics, foreign movies, home-made videos, instructional videos, and even the occasional porno. In my philosophy, videos are too fun to limit yourself to one kind. Venturing into DVD is no different: a whole world awaits. So come with me, friends, and let's take a video adventure!

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