The Psychosexuals
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Sheer Video Perfection!

Gooden Worsted's Bitable Bytes:
"Several astonishing sex scenes!"
"Their gyrations run the gamut!"
"I came away completely satisfied!"

When the missus goes out of town, I sure do miss her terribly. This weekend, with nothing else to do, I decided to take care of myself with the video The Psychosexuals directed by Gregory Dark.

As with most adult entertainment, the film is short on plot. The hero, Mickey G is placed in a freaky metal helmet that allows him to hallucinate several astonishing sex scenes. Secret servicemen wander through the house in which some of the action is set. A statue comes to life and gets it on with three secret agents all wearing novelty bottle-bottom glasses. She then delivers a tale about how a retarded guy who used to work in the kitchen of a restaurant where she waitressed used to masturbate into the salads of rude customers. Finally sultry Nikita removes the trippy headgear from Mickey G and they have sex on a classroom-style desk.

But who watches these things for plot? Dark's stable is a very good-looking array of men and women who truly seem to enjoy what they are doing. Although I'm by no means the expert, I have never seen such abandon in adult scenes. These people are beyond convincing­even the most pliable adult starlets are transparently "acting"­but these men and women seem to forget themselves entirely.

The sex is extreme. There are two scenes with one woman and three men, one scene with one man and three women, two two men on one woman scenes, and only one even match. Their gyrations run the gamut. I think that's all I have to say about it. The most fascinating scene, however, is the fourth or fifth, in which a maid is seduced by two men in suits. She is fully ejaculatory, and the thrill of watching her comely body en flagrante delecto combines with the almost scientific interest in this all-to-rare phenomenon.

I came away completely satisfied, and would recommend this film to anyone interested in the genre.

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