Mondo Kane
My Rating:

A classic film in every respect!

Bitable Bytes:
"Shock documentary!"
"Bizarre, bloody, fanatic, and fantastic!"
"A classic, must-see!"
"If you have a mind that likes weird, this film is required viewing!"

What to do while watching:
Try to look away.

What to eat while watching:
Ants. Dogs. Very rare pork chops.


Journalistic distance. The irony of watching a shock documentary from 1964 is that you get two lenses (at least) through which to view the material. One is the journalistic frame created in 1964 for scenes from around the world of bizarre, bloody, fanatic, and fantastic practices. Superimposed on this frame is the global consciousness and political sensitivity of the turn of the millennium. The blatant (by today's standards) perspective of western civilization is enough to cause any viewer to squirm. Casting African peoples as savage, tropical peoples as elysian, Asian peoples as Oriental today seems bizarre and fanatic.

Add another lens to this viewing: the awareness that much has changed on the planet since 1964. Isolated places are no longer isolated. Most people in the world know Mickey Mouse, McDonalds, and mass media. This film is a time capsule, and it contains only the strangest views of this planet's inhabitants.

In a way, it's a classic, must-see. Mondo Kane (Dog's World) and the series of Mondo films that it spawned will always take the awards for "weirdest video of all the videos we could have watched tonight." If you're in the mood for weird, it will easily fill the bill. If you have a mind that likes weird in general, this film is required viewing along with Faces of Death, 200 Motels, and Bop Girl Goes Calypso.

Be ready for the gruesome, the awesome, and the stupid.

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