The Last Supper
My Rating:

Ya Gotta Give 'Em Credit for Trying!

Bitable Bytes:
"[A] political comedy-thriller!"
"It's. . . funny!"
". . .huge effects. . . explosions!"

What to do while watching:
A lot of tongue clicking.

What to eat while watching:
Don't eat or drink anything. Especially avoid anything served in a decanter.


Do you get a strong reaction from Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect? No matter how you feel about it, you'll feel exactly the same about The Last Supper. This political comedy-thriller is about five housemates who are all liberal graduate students. It's their custom to invite a sixth for dinner every week. But when their usual guest doesn't show up, they decide--through a heady series of leaps in plot, logic, and morality--to assassinate one ultra-conservative at every meal.

I can't describe how they get to this point, but once they do, the script takes an opportunity to show thumbnail sketches of the most stereotypical aspects of various Democrat-v-Republican issues such as abortion, gay rights, censorship, and environmentalism. They also take a hard-line stance against fascism. People on both sides of the political spectrum will feel the same, however, about the murders they commit.

It's kind of funny. Each dead fascist becomes a lump in the garden bedecked in healthy red tomatoes. Finally, it becomes clear that the most even-keeled of these characters is also the craziest, and then their plot really falls to pieces as they dine with a notorious conservative television personality.

Framed by the sophomoric paintings of housemate #2, which look like Degas as done by a third grader, this film has a simplicity of setting that does nothing to distract from the darkly comic tall tale. Characterizations are two-dimensional and simple. Nothing to take your attention off the humorous, yet dim fable. There is some action, packed into more than two exciting "whammies" that include some blood, but there are no huge effects nor explosions to shift your focus from the slightly laughable black story. No, it's just one long dark comedy, plain and simple, with some political seasoning.

A big thank you to Mr. Glenn Franklin for testing my mettle against this film. Would you care for some wine, Mr. Franklin? Red or white?

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