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This message isn't meant for all of you. It's just meant for the naysayers and snickerers who thought I was in over my head when I started a website. I am the first to admit that I don't know jack shit about computers and printers and that crap. But I know good business. Now, four months after launching this leaky ship called the Gift Electronique, in the hands of people I don't know, and don't want to know, I've got advertisers, motherfucker. Read 'em and weep, asswipes. Mr. Sofa Guy is sponsoring this issue of the magazine. And next month, who knows, maybe Microsoft or Sears or somebody I've heard of will pony up some bread.

Anyway, all's I know is this guy, Mr. Sofa Guy, has cold hard cash and he put it in our bank account. Hell, for all I care he could be a ripoff artist (and I've heard some rumors). Last month I had to take a second mortgage on my townhouse to keep the Gift Electronique afloat.

My wife urged me not to do it and my kids begged that I let them eat instead. You know what I did, I ignored them. I love them, but I love the scent of the almighty dollar better. And now, while I am still losing money, I'm not losing it nearly as fast. If you have a shady or disreputable business and are having trouble finding places to advertise it, come to the Gift Electronique. Big or small, we'll take your ads.

In the meantime, keep on rocking in the free world.

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