Cybershead Revisited
by Matt

Those of you that read issue #1 remember Matt's forays into the chat rooms of the Internet. This issue, Matt is back in the rooms to prove once and for all that he is the smartest man in Cyberspace. Matt, King of Trivia, takes on all comers in his latest cyberchat installment.

The Trivia Room

Lemoncarp : Hello everybody.
Lemoncarp : Let's get started.
IloveTD : Are you lonely?
Lemoncarp : I can answer any trivia question. Think of the hardest one you can. I will answer it.
Lemoncarp : Come on, try me.
Burialsea : HELLO
Lemoncarp : Any trivia question at all.
Lemoncarp : Bring them on. I am the best trivia person in the world.
Lemoncarp : Especially entertainment.
KFnutty : Who was the only president to serve two terms inconsecutively
Lemoncarp : I don't know. Ask another.
KFnutty : That's a cop out
Burialsea : what movie did clint eastwood die in?
Lemoncarp : Got me. Boy, you guys are good. Ask any other trivia question.
KFnutty : The Unforgiven
Burialsea : NO
KFnutty : what then
Burialsea : Beguiled.
Lemoncarp : Hey, aren't you guys supposed to be asking me, the trivia wizard for answers?
KFnutty : You dont know ALL the answers
Lemoncarp : I know ALL the answers. But I have a cold.
KFnutty : any topic requests
CTuggle : Godzilla
Lemoncarp : Entertainment!!!!!!!!
CTuggle : Godzilla!!!!
Lemoncarp : ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!
Lemoncarp : More trivia for the Master.
Lemoncarp : Try more questions on me. you haven't stumped me yet.
IloveTD : What does an egg, a carpet, and a teenage boy have in common?
FOXY37 : Stains.
IloveTD : Nope.
FOXY37 : What then?
Lemoncarp : No riddles.
IloveTD : It's not a riddle, it's a trivia question! Wimp!!!!
Lemoncarp : They are all tangible.
IloveTD : Nope.
Lemoncarp : Yes, they are all tangible. Are you telling me they aren't? Next question.
Lemoncarp : I DON'T LOVE TD.
IloveTD : Well my fiance does.
CTuggle : That was a crap question.
IloveTD : They all get laid.
Lemoncarp : Keep trying to stump the master. And no lame riddles.
Burialsea : You already got stumped
Lemoncarp : I never have been stumped. Ever.
JANE1099 : Good evening all.
Lemoncarp : Jane, they are trying to stump me but have failed
thus far.
Burialsea : Who played in logans run?
Lemoncarp : Nobody can top me, I am the master.
JANE1099 : Lemon...will be watching closely
Lemoncarp : Ask a question. I am waiting.
IloveTD : I asked a question and he wimped.
Lemoncarp : Try to stump me you mental peons.
FOXY37 : LEMON YOU HAVE APRETTY BIG EGO. Answer this: what was Scully's dog's name?
Lemoncarp : I don't like that dog question. Ask another.
Lemoncarp : No, you didn't stump me. I didn't like the question. Ask another one.
Burialsea : C'mon, Lemonhead
SCoch1400 : Lemonballs.
Burialsea : Is someone sour?
Lemoncarp : You guys are not challenging my vast intellect. I need more stimulation.
Lemoncarp : I will admit when I don't, but that has never happened.
SCoch1400 : You never get em wrong cause you never answer em
Lemmingboy : Lemoncarp anyone who talks about mental or sexual prowess is suspect
FOXY37 : LEMON THE CRAP is getting deep in here. I have to go for now. GOOGNIGHT ALL.
Lemoncarp : I am getting tired of the morons. Bring on someone that approoaches my stature.
Rocketcry : And your spelling, Lemon??
IloveTD : Lemoncarp, have you given up?
Lemoncarp : I never give up. Ask a question.
Burialsea : No way
Lemoncarp : I am an incredible genius. My God, I am so smart.
Rocketcry : O.K. Here my old standard. Least # of throws in a complete game of bowling?
Lemoncarp : I am king of trivia.
Wayward1 : Lemon, it's gettin a little old.
Lemoncarp : I don't care about old. All wisdom is old.
Burialsea : MICHAEL YORK
Netty3900 : What's the question?
Lemoncarp : The question is why am I so much smarter than everyone else?
IloveTD : Because you're a complete ass?
Lemoncarp : Wrong!
Netty3900 : I wasnt asking you. If you were smart you would have realized that.
Lemoncarp : Wrong!
Dingoboy : Answer it, Lemon.
Lemoncarp : I will never be stumped. I am still waiting for someone to try.
IloveTD : You haven't answered one question yet!
Lemoncarp : Enough teasng of the resident genius, bring on the difficult questions.
Dingoboy : ANSWER, LEMON.
Netty3900 : Who wrote "The bluest eye"
Lemoncarp : This is getting tiresome. Will someone please stump me?
IloveTD : Poor old Lemonhead...he doesn't know dick
Netty3900 : Sounds like you dont know the answer to any q's, Lemon.
Lemoncarp : Hey, sorry, I have to leave. My mom just got home and she's really drunk.
Lemoncarp : Then I have to put her to bed and make her coffee or else she gets mad.
Lemoncarp : Thanks for hanging out with me, though.

Matt enjoys surfing in Cyberspace. You may be part of his experience.

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