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This is a new Enterprise for me -- this whole computer network thing. But I got an accountant that told me that there was gold to be had in the Internet. I'm a damn good real estate agent. Real good. But I don't know nothing about technologies. I know we got this neat system where I can advertise my properites on the local cable TV, but I don't know about computers. Regardless, when my accountant said there was money, I came.

I bought myself a whole website, which I have yet to visit, but I've been told it's nice. It's in California somewhere and so maybe it would be good to take the kids there for a vacation. Go to Disneyland and the website, write the whole thing off on my taxes as business.

Okay, so now I have diversified. Mostly I own old apartment buildings that I fix up to meet certain codes and then rent out to low income people. Now, though, I have the additional revenue generating source, The Gift Electronique. Come on in, look around, and spend money however it is you go about spending money on a website.

I'll be back in a month to pick up my check.

Randy Shandis, Publisher and Owner - The Gift Electronique

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